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Robot laser welder(W1000FR ,W2000FR)

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The robot laser welder adopts a double-station working platform, which can save the time of installing product fixture, improve production efficiency, and realize automatic and intelligent operation. The robotic Laser Welder is equipped with a unique wobble welding head, the laser is collimated into parallel light by a collimator and focuses on the workpiece for welding. In addition, it can also be equipped with a simple universal instrument to implement flexible transmission welding for parts that are inaccessible to large molds, making the operation more flexible. The laser welding robot system has fast running speed, high repetitive positioning accuracy, low consumables, low operating cost, and is suitable for large-format space welding.

The robot laser welder has a compact and smooth design, high-density integration, and stable operation. It  only need to be set parameters and motion trajectories to complete precise welding. The robot laser welder is suitable for welding needs in large-format spaces. In large-scale production, it can replace 2-4 operators, and can effectively control the production volume and product defect rate, reduce labor costs and waste of resources. The robotic laser welding machine has strong applicability, and can provide different installation methods(ground, tilt, suspension) according to the production scene.

Dedicated workbench
Single and dual-axis design, saving fixture installation time and making processing more convenient


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