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Jewelry Laser Welder W60J

Professional custom             Lifelong maintenance

One year warranty                Free proofing

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The jewelry mini laser welder is ergonomically designed with a dedicated microscope viewing system with a crosshair and a high-speed electronic filter to protect the operator's eyes. The whole machine is small in size, portable and easy to operate. The welding effect is good, the equipment is stable and reliable, and the failure rate is low.

• New style design, small size, light weight, easy to take, easy to ship.
• Small dot pulse, meet precision welding requirement.
• With both CCD and microscope , simply design and easy to operate.
• Adopt imported solid xenon lamp, 90 million times operation lifetime.
• Specially lighting lamp treated. Low consumption, long lifetime.
• Integrated with CVT fans and automatic pumping system, one button operation.

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