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Handheld Laser Welder(W1000FH )

Professional custom             Lifelong maintenance

One year warranty                Free proofing

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The handheld laser welder adopts a closed case design. On the basis of the previous welding machine, it is equipped with a CNC wire feeder, equipped with a dual-drive intelligent control system and a high-brightness digital display. The welding effect is smoother and beautiful. It can greatly improve the work efficiency and quality of the welding machine and further save the processing cost.

The handheld laser welder is equipped with a double swing welding head with digital display function. It can freely switch a variety of spot modes, quickly cool the gun body, high durable and long lifetime.

It is also equipped with the cutting nozzle, high energy concentration, and it can cut stainless steel materials, effectively meets the different processing requirements of customer.

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