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UV Laser Marker U5100(full protective cover)

Professional custom             Lifelong maintenance

One year warranty                Free proofing

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UV laser marking machine adopts imported high-quality laser special equipment, 355nm ultraviolet light focusing spot is very small, can achieve ultra-fine laser marking. The uv laser marking machine has a small heat-affected area and can effectively avoid material damage. It is suitable for ultra-fine marking, engraving and cutting of materials with high thermal radiation response.

•Using imported laser source, high quality strong beam energy, focus marking point is small, ultra-fine marking, special high resolution.
•Small heat affected area. Prevent material deformation, damaged or burnt. High rate of final products.
•Using digital galvanometers, lower drift, higher positioning speed, higher performance and higher precision.
•Fully enclosed protection design, the protective device with observation door and window effectively prevent laser radiation and smoke pollution during work.
•The overall design meets CE requirements.
•Wide application range, can make up for the shortage of infrared laser processing capability.

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