What is the impact of the fiber laser cutting machine working at full load for a long time on the equipment?

Compared with similar metal cutting equipment, the price of fiber laser cutting machine is relatively high. After all, fiber laser cutting machine has advantages over traditional equipment. With different power, the price difference will be very large. Many customers choose relatively cheap ones for price reasons, but they can only deal with superficial phenomena in a short time, but cannot solve long-term problems. As processing equipment, it must be processed for a long time. Is the long-term load work harmful to the laser cutting machine?
1. The service life of the laser and the lens: the use of the laser is limited, usually the value given by the manufacturer is 100,000 hours, and it can run normally for 33 years if it is calculated as 8 hours a day. The lens is divided into two consumables: protective lens and focusing lens. Each protective lens can work for about 200 hours, and it is usually replaced every 7 days in actual use; while each focusing lens can work for about 2400 hours, usually 3 in actual use. - Replace every 6 months. The above working hours are estimated at 8 hours/day. The longer the working hours per day, the shorter the service life.
2. Laser power: Running at full power for a long time will definitely have an impact on the equipment. For example, driving a car at full speed for a long time will cause certain damage to the motor and other components of the car. After the laser runs at full load for a long time, the power of the laser will also have a certain attenuation. During normal operation, the annual attenuation rate of the laser is within 2.5%. If it works for a long time, the attenuation rate will definitely be higher.
3. The main components of the laser chiller: the chiller starts and stops high-frequency operation, which consumes a lot of the compressor and main components inside it, which will shorten the service life of the chiller. Of course, in addition to the consumption of these commonly used components, the long-term full-load operation of the laser cutting machine will definitely affect other components, so it is necessary to carry out regular machine maintenance and keep the machine in good condition for production.