What is the difference between laser marking and laser engraving?

A product must have a permanent logo, not only to comply with regulations, but also to increase product differentiation. Laser marking and laser engraving are growing in popularity and the terms are often used interchangeably in the marketplace, yet they are still slightly different.

Laser Marking
Laser marking is very simple, it means that when the laser beam acts on the surface of the material, it changes slightly without burning it off. It may slightly change the properties of the material, making it look different. The most common form of laser marking is an oxidation process that occurs on the surface of the material, which changes the color of the material to black. The advantage of this kind of marking is that it can ensure that the material of the product is intact. If the marking is too deep, it will damage the service life and integrity of the material.

Laser engraving
Laser engraving is the removal of part of the surface of material to a certain depth, and is the most common choice for those who want an industrial touch when sliding a finger over the engraved area. It can be used for materials such as plastic, steel, glass, wood and even leather. In laser engraving, the laser beam burns off the surface so the logo or imprint never disappears. Therefore, when a product needs to be permanently marked, especially when it will be exposed to very harsh conditions, laser engraving is ideal.

Knowing the difference between the two makes it clear to make a precise choice. In any case, the identifiability of the part is very important.