What industries are laser welding machine suitable for?

Due to the rapid development of the welding industry, the types of laser welding machine on the market have become more and more, and the scope of application of laser welding machines has become more and more extensive because of the high welding accuracy and Many industries have already used laser welding for welding with many advantages such as high speed and no deformation of materials after welding. So what industries are laser welding machines suitable for?
The industry application of laser welding machine involves the following industries:
Sanitary ware industry: welding of water pipe joints, reducing joints, tees, valves, and showers.
Glasses industry: precision welding of stainless steel, titanium alloy and other materials for the buckle and outer frame of the glasses.
Hardware industry: welding of impellers, kettles, handles, etc., complex stamping parts and casting parts.
Automobile industry: engine cylinder gasket, hydraulic tappet sealing welding, spark plug welding, filter welding, etc.
Medical industry: welding of medical appliances, stainless steel seals for medical appliances, and structural parts.
Electronics industry: solid state relay sealing and breaking welding, welding of connectors and connectors, welding of metal shells and structural parts such as mobile phones and MP3. Welding of motor shell and connection, optical fiber connector joint, etc.
Household hardware, kitchenware and bathroom, stainless steel door handles, electronic components, sensors, clocks and watches, precision machinery, communications, handicrafts and other industries, automotive hydraulic tappets and other industries with higher strength products such as welding.