What are the Differences of Raycus, Super, Ipg and Max Fiber Laser Source?

A fiber laser engraving machine system must need to equipped with a fiber laser source. There are various kinds of brands, for example, Raycus fiber laser source, Super fiber laser source, IPG fiber laser source, Max fiber laser source.

Let’s compare their function and character differences.

  • Raycus fiber laser source

The Raycus fiber laser source is famous for its stability and high performance. Its performance is excellent, but its cost is also not cheap. So If you want to buy a true Raycus fiber laser sourced fiber laser marking engraving machine, you may need to pay some cost beyond the common standard. Usually, a Raycus fiber laser marking engraving machine’s cost is not lower than 4,200 USD.

                  Raycus Fiber Laser Source

  • Super fiber laser source

The Super fiber laser source, it is also a good fiber laser source brand, The Super laser source is famous for its high cost-effective, it has very nice performance working on metal laser marking engraving, including Mopa fiber laser source for special marking engraving black color on anodized aluminum. For Plastic and Some other materials laser marking engraving, maybe it is not as good as the Raycus fiber laser, but it’s also OK.

                    Super Fiber Laser Source

  • IPG fiber laser source

IPG is a high-end fiber laser source, It has a good reputation for its excellent stable performance and high-speed laser marking engraving. So it is suitable for consistent long-term use matched with Auto or semi-Auto production lines. Its high-speed laser marking engraving also helps to enhance the production efficiency. The high stable performance also can ensure long-term more than 24 hours. Of course, It price is also remarkably high. So if your usage is not for flying auto production line laser marking printing, it is recommended to use some other brands.

                        IPG Fiber Laser Source

  • Max fiber laser source

Max fiber laser source is also a good brand, its advantage maybe is comprehensive performance.

                       MAX Fiber Laser Source

So, there all about the fiber laser sources. Hope our introduction is helpful for you. If you want to get more information, welcome to leave a message on our website. Thank you for your time.