What are the characteristics of uv laser marker?

Due to the small focal spot of the UV laser and the small processing heat affected zone, ultra-fine marking and laser marking can be performed on special materials. It is a product designed for customers who have higher requirements for laser marking effect.UV laser marker as one of the types of laser marking equipment, can help users to carry out ultra-fine marking, the effect is very significant.

In terms of wavelength, the wavelength of the ultraviolet laser is only 355nm, which is invisible to the naked eye. Although you can't see these laser beams, it is these short wavelengths that allow the ultraviolet laser to focus more precisely, so as to complete more precise marking, and can achieve perfect marking of special materials, which is an inevitable choice for fine processing in high-end industries.

In addition to copper, UV lasers have a wider range of materials suitable for processing. It not only has good beam quality, small focusing spot, but also can realize ultra-fine marking; wider application range; small heat-affected area, no thermal effect and no material burning; fast marking speed and high efficiency; stable performance of the whole machine, volume Small and low power consumption.The UV laser marking machine shows very high absorption rate when applied to resin and copper, and also has an appropriate absorption rate when processing glass.

UV laser marking machine is unmatched by other laser machines in terms of special materials and fine marking.