What are the characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine?

1. High power-to-optical conversion efficiency of fiber lasers
The electro-optical conversion efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine is above 30%. Low power fiber lasers do not require coolers. Air cooling can greatly save power consumption during work, save operating costs, and maximize production efficiency.

2. The operation and maintenance cost of fiber laser cutting machine is the lowest
The laser only needs electricity to operate, and no additional gas is needed to generate the laser;
The laser uses a semiconductor modular and redundant design. There are no optical lenses in the resonator and no startup time is required. It has the advantages of adjustment-free, maintenance-free, and high stability, which reduces the cost of accessories and maintenance time, which is unmatched by traditional lasers.
The light of the whole machine is transmitted by optical fiber, no complex light guiding system such as mirror is needed, the optical path is simple, the structure is stable, and the external optical path is maintenance-free;
The cutting head contains a protective lens to minimize the consumption of expensive consumables such as focusing lenses.

3. Excellent beam quality of fiber laser cutting machine
The output wavelength of the fiber laser is 1.064 microns, which is 1/10 the wavelength of CO2. The output beam quality is good and the power density is high, which is very beneficial to the absorption of metal materials. It has excellent cutting and welding capabilities to minimize processing costs.

4. Fiber laser cutting machine is easy to operate
The light is output through the optical fiber, which makes the design of the mechanical system very simple and easy to integrate with the robot or multi-dimensional workbench;
After the laser is installed with a shutter, it can be divided into multiple devices through the optical fiber, divided into multiple channels and multiple units to work at the same time. The function is easy to expand, and the upgrade is convenient and simple.

5. Fiber laser cutting machine saves material and working space
Due to the small size and light weight of the fiber laser, the working position can be moved, the floor space is small, and the cost is saved;
The fiber laser cutting machine adopts computer programming, which can cut products of different shapes and maximize the utilization rate of materials.

6. Fiber laser cutting machine is safe and environmentally friendly
Laser processing has less waste, low noise, clean, safe and pollution-free, which greatly improves the working environment.