uv laser fiber marking machine | Characteristics and application of ultraviolet laser marking machine

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UV laser marking machine has become a new upstart in laser marking industry. Due to its uniqueness, the marking on plastic materials is perfect.
With the continuous development of industry, UV laser marking machine has been widely used. What are the advantages of its equipment?
UV laser marking machine is characterized by fast marking speed, no pollution and easy operation.
In addition, the wavelength of ultraviolet laser is short, and the ultraviolet laser marking machine avoids the material damage caused by excessive heat input.
Although the ultraviolet laser marking machine is not as popular as the fiber laser marking machine in industrialization, the requirements of product technology are constantly improving, and the ultraviolet laser marking machine has an irreplaceable influence in the plastic and glass products industry, because the ultraviolet laser belongs to cold light, which can not damage the characteristics of these materials.