The working principle of UV laser marker machine

As one of the types of laser marking equipment, the UV laser marking machine is also an indispensable marking equipment in the marking industry. It can help users perform simple or complex information marking and identification. For the marking industry, it is An indispensable part.

The working principle of the ultraviolet laser coding machine is realized by photochemical ablation, that is to say, the object or chemical reaction occurs on the surface of the object by the high energy of the laser, thereby forming a mode of marking.

The wavelength of ultraviolet is only 355nm. The extremely small spot and thermal influence (negligible), so that it has the effect of ultra-fine and special material marking, it is an inevitable choice for those high-end industries that require ultra-fine processing.
Ultraviolet laser marking is unmatched by other laser machines in terms of special materials, fine marking, fine engraving, and fine processing. For any industry's identification information solution, it can complete the task exquisitely, and it occupies a particularly important role in the identification industry.

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