The use of laser marking machines in various industries

Because the laser cutting machine industry is booming, and with the development of technology, the invention of new technologies such as laser cutting and laser marking has led to more and more technologies in the industry. Therefore, people will begin to study new technologies and will Begin to compare the two. What is the difference between laser cutting and laser marking? Changzhou laser cutting opportunity will tell you.

Generally, laser marking will change the appearance of the surface by focusing the heat of the laser in the laser marking machine, and the laser marking machine will use a laser beam with a lower power to change the color and pattern of the material surface. Usually this process will oxidize the surface of the product, and the oxidized product surface will leave a darker color, and this process is realized by computer programming.

Cutting is to irradiate the material to be cut with a laser beam, and the laser beam irradiator will accelerate the temperature when the material is vaporized. At the same time, it will perform daily cutting work according to the formation of holes during evaporation. Unlike laser marking, heat and cutting Depth will affect the effect of material cutting, so reasonable control of these two factors is very important for your laser cutting.

Usually laser marking machines use the condensed beam in the machine to form a lasting mark on the surface of the object, and laser marking machines are widely used in optical fiber, pulse and other industries. What is the good thing about the laser marking machine? Changzhou laser marking opportunity tells you.

The Changzhou laser marking machine uses a focused beam to mark the surface of the material. When the beam interacts with the surface of the material, the characteristics and appearance of the material will change. And this kind of beam will only aim at a specific area, so that the laser marking machine can perform precise marking operations, and the machine can read or scan on the surface of any object. At the same time, the operator only needs to perform simple programming on the laser cutting machine to realize the cutting work, and the machine will implement daily processing operations according to the operator's programming.

When you use a laser marking machine for marking, you will find the advantages of this machine. It has good operating efficiency and productivity. At the same time, when the machine has a problem, it only takes less time to realize the maintenance of the machine; and it can effectively control the quality and counterfeiting problems.

Laser marking is suitable for a larger number of marks on finished or semi-finished marking components, and is mainly used where display marks or characteristic marks are used. It can be used for money clips, key rings and silver gifts, because it is likely to produce characteristic marks without any abrasions or deformations accurately in the required size, position and depth.

In the watch industry, the use of laser technology varies with industry barriers. The one-sided welding discussion that makes up the watch band and the watch is under tremendous pressure and has a visual effect. Compared with traditional methods, a clean cutting area, flexible contour guidance and long-term marking can be realized on the watch faster.

Laser marking has always played an important role in the automotive industry. If a high degree of automation, low cost and flexibility are essential to the production process, a laser system is the ideal choice. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser machines have significant advantages. Therefore, a laser machine is used to weld, cut or mark multiple car parts.