The basic composition of common laser marking equipment

Laser marking machines have been widely sought after in recent years. Because of their excellent marking effect and high marking efficiency, laser marking machines are constantly expanding into new fields. In addition to common plastics, leather, wood, ceramics, metals, etc., laser marking machines It has also begun to be applied to new materials such as bearings, plates, and chips.

Among the above components, different components also correspond to different functional positioning of the laser.

Among them, the laser is the core component of the equipment. Different types of lasers are suitable for different processing materials. For example, UV lasers are suitable for plastic marking, such as charging header text marking; CO2 lasers are suitable for wood marking, while fiber lasers are more For marking metal materials.

In addition to the types of lasers, lasers are also divided into pumped YAG, optical fiber, video, glass tube, etc. according to different light output methods.

The output mode of the laser also corresponds to different equipment types, such as continuous laser processing equipment, single pulse processing equipment, and repetitive pulse processing equipment. In terms of processing methods, there are also different processing methods such as large-format processing, array processing, and splicing processing.

The current mainstream of the cooling system is air cooling and water cooling, among which water cooling is more stable, and the specific situation depends on the power of the equipment.
The control system part is mainly the computer and the marking control system, of which the computer is the main part of the electronic system. The marking control system is produced by specialized industrial manufacturers and is connected to the marking equipment. Generally, it will be equipped with a corresponding software system. The work only needs to be operated on the computer.

At present, the marking control system has a high degree of intelligence. It can integrate axis motion control and laser marking control, and cooperate with the vision system to complete the work without manual supervision after starting. It should be noted that the laser marking machine belongs to industrial equipment, and the computer is best used for special purpose, do not connect to the external network to ensure the stability of the system.