Processing method of laser marking machine unable to print words when in use

The laser marking machine is mainly used for product identification or pattern marking. The laser marking machine can realize eternal marking, anti-counterfeiting and environmental protection, high efficiency and low consumption, and can replace the traditional welding methods such as ink-jet printing, silk screen printing, pad printing, stamping and die inversion. In the process of laser use, there is often a situation that the laser equipment does not produce words. Many people do not know what to do when they encounter this problem.
Reasons why the laser marking machine cannot print words and treatment methods:
The failure of the laser marking machine to print words may be caused by the wrong setting of the parameter type of the software, the wrong optical path, the power supply is not plugged in or damaged, the control signal line is cut off, the plug is not plugged in, the control card is broken, the laser is broken and other factors. The solutions to these reasons are as follows:
1. In view of the reasons for the wrong setting of software parameter types, we can first check the type of equipment we purchased. If it is CO2, it is set to CO2, and the optical fiber is set to optical fiber, and so on.
2. For the reason of wrong optical path, adjust the optical path correctly directly.
3. For the reasons why the power supply is not plugged in or damaged: plug in the power supply again, and use other equipment to check whether the power supply can operate normally. If not, it needs to be repaired by relevant professionals
4. For the reason why the control signal is cut off: reconnect the cut-off point
5. For the reason why the plug is not inserted properly: insert it again and tighten it with the fixing screw to prevent it from loosening again
6. For the reason of laser damage: replace the laser