Principle and material of Fiber Color Laser Marking Machine

The working principle of the laser marking machine is to focus the laser on the surface of the object to be marked with high energy density, vaporize the material on the surface by burning or etching, and accurately carve the pattern or text by controlling the effective displacement of the laser beam.
Compared with the general laser marking machine needs to use the lens refraction, optical path adjustment and other means to transmit the laser to the terminal, Fiber Color Laser Marking Machine is to directly transmit light through the fiber, which will reduce energy consumption and maximize the use of light energy.
Suitable materials for Fiber Color Laser Marking Machine
1. Most metal materials, such as gold, silver, copper, iron, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, stainless acid resistant steel, etc.
2. Rigid plastics, such as PE, PP and PVC, also include general engineering plastics and special engineering plastics.