Metal laser cutting machine to create safe food machinery

Metal laser cutting machine to create safe food machinery

Food machinery is one of the products that are in direct contact with it during the food production process, and its quality directly affects food safety. For a long time, my country's food machinery industry has faced the embarrassing situation of small and scattered, large and imprecise, and the core technology of products is difficult to compete with developed countries. To be invincible in the international market, food production must achieve mechanization, automation, specialization, and scale. It must be free from traditional manual labor and workshop-style operations to improve hygiene, safety, and production efficiency.


Compared with traditional processing technology,metal laser cutting machine has outstanding advantages in food machinery production. Traditional processing methods require multiple links such as mold opening, stamping, shearing, bending, etc. The work efficiency is low, the mold consumption is large, and the cost of use is high, which seriously hinders the pace of innovation and development in the food machinery industry.

The application of laser processing in food machinery has the following advantages:

1. Safety and health: Laser cutting is a non-contact process, so it is very clean and hygienic, suitable for food machinery production;

2. Fine cutting slit: laser cutting slit is generally 0.10 ~ 0.20mm;

3. The cutting surface is smooth: the laser cutting surface has no burrs, and can cut plates of various thicknesses, and the cutting surface is very smooth, without secondary processing to create high-end food machinery;

4. Fast speed, effectively improve the production efficiency of food machinery;

5. Suitable for the processing of large products: the mold manufacturing cost of large products is very high, laser cutting does not require any mold manufacturing, and can completely avoid the collapse of the material formed during punching and shearing, greatly reducing production costs and improving food machinery Grade.

6. Very suitable for the development of new products: Once the product drawings are formed, laser processing can be carried out immediately to get the real products of the new products in the shortest time, effectively promoting the replacement of food machinery.

7. Material saving: Laser processing adopts computer programming, which can set materials of different shapes to maximize the utilization rate of materials and reduce the production cost of food machinery.

In the future, domestic food machinery products and food machinery manufacturing technology will better reflect informationization, digitization, refinement, high speed, and automation, and will continue to surpass the international advanced level. MACTRON will actively assist the food machinery industry from "Made in China" to "Created in China" to create more high-quality and safe food machinery.