Mask machine-new technology application in medical industry

As the epidemic intensifies, the demand for special production equipment for protective products has grown rapidly, and manufacturers everywhere are responding to the national call to put into production. Laser equipment is a representative of a new era of automated production. It is suitable for medical devices, medical products, infrastructure, rehabilitation supplies, implants, etc. It plays an important role in anti-epidemic diseases.

The construction and use of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital reflects that science and technology have promoted the accelerated development of industry. The mass production of various types of masks also reflects that the level of automated production has gradually improved. Laser cutting machine has the advantages of high efficiency, high quality, high precision, environmental protection, etc. It is widely used in metal, non-woven fabric, plastic and other materials.

Fiber laser cutting machine: non-woven precision cutting

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• High-quality ultraviolet laser source, fine marking
• Permanent mark, easy to identify, difficult to wipe and copy
• Small processing heat-no deformation and coking in the affected area
​​​​​​​• Quick marking, high efficiency and stable performance
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During the epidemic, the shortage of masks created huge business opportunities. The masks of inferior products of some illegal units disturb the market order and damage the rights and interests of consumers. The laser marking machine has the advantages of permanence and accuracy, and is a safety sign for making masks.

Fiber laser marking machine can also be widely used in medical packaging, medical equipment and instruments. It can only prevent fakes in overtime, but it can also track the flow of materials to ensure the safety of materials. The lines of the interior of the hospital, lights, tables, chairs, air conditioners, pipes and other infrastructure are marked with lasers.

Laser Marking Machine: The anti-counterfeiting mark is clear

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• Using imported laser source, high quality strong beam energy, focus marking point is small, ultra-fine marking, special high resolution.
• Small heat affected area. Prevent material deformation, damaged or burnt. High rate of final products.
• Using digital galvanometers, lower drift, higher positioning speed, higher performance and higher precision.
• Fully enclosed protection design, the protective device with observation door and window effectively prevent laser radiation and smoke pollution during work.
• The overall design meets CE requirements.
• Wide application range, can make up for the shortage of infrared laser processing capability.
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