Laser technology in ceramic industry - CO2 laser marking machine

How to make the trademark logo of ceramic tile more anti-counterfeiting and matching? The traditional sanitary ware ceramic trademark adopts the firing process, which has the problems of high cost, no change and easy falling off of the printed trademark. Now, the new process is carried out with a laser marking machine. The application of laser in ceramic industry is mainly used for the fine processing of logo, character, pattern, trademark, batch number, date, or pattern, number and other information with specific needs, so as to make it have a high sense of artistry and fashion and achieve a permanent mark. What kind of laser marking machine and how much power can be used to mark ceramics? Shangtuo laser recommends to use CO2 laser for marking. Generally, high-power CO2 laser marking machines are used, such as 60W, 100W, etc.

CO2 laser marking machine is used for lettering on ceramics?
Since laser marking is the next process before the ceramic leaves the factory, it can reduce the manufacturer's inventory to a great extent. Ceramic laser marking machine adopts CO2 RF laser and high-speed scanning galvanometer system. Equipped with high-quality optical devices, high stability laser power supply and automatic control system. The whole system has high marking accuracy, fast speed, extremely stable performance and can work continuously for a long time. Also known as: CO2 laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, non-metallic marking machine, ceramic laser marking machine, because the main marking products of this model are non-metallic, such as plastic, wood, acrylic, ceramics are not metal products anyway.

How much power can the CO2 laser marking machine use to mark on ceramics?
The effect of laser marking on ceramics largely depends on the type of ceramics. Depending on the power of household porcelain, the glaze can always be removed, such as laser engraving. If the masking tape is covered on the surface in advance and the surface is designed in color, a good marking effect can be obtained. Industrial ceramics usually have the characteristics of heat resistance, smoother surface and particularly neat carving effect. Since laser marking on ceramics requires high laser power, CO2 laser marking machines of 50W, 60W, 100W, etc. with at least 50W are generally used.

With the progress of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for material living standards. Products should not only have applicable value, but also be exquisite. The pursuit of personalization has become a fashion in people's life, and carbon dioxide laser ceramic marking should also be unique. Professional ceramic laser marking has high efficiency and good effect. It provides a good marking method for ceramic sanitary ware, ceramic crafts, ceramic tableware and other products, which is deeply loved by a wide range of users.