Laser marking machine | What industries is the marking function used in?

I believe many friends know that in order to distinguish products, manufacturers will mark their products / components / parts. So what industries is the marking function used in? Common such as mineral water bottles, packaging boxes, metal mugs, snack bags, cosmetics, jeans and so on have marking marks, indicating that the marking machine has been widely used in our daily life.
However, the purpose of the marking machine is far more than this, and the marking equipment selected for different items is also different. For example, in machinery manufacturing, auto parts, instruments and other industries, pneumatic marking machines are usually used to identify products. Just like the ID card, the equipment and parts also need to have their own identification, so that they can be traced back for life from production to the manufacturer and finally scrapped.
Because the pneumatic marking machine controls the printing needle to move according to a certain trajectory in the X and Y two-dimensional plane by computer, the printing needle will make high-frequency impact movement under the action of compressed air, so it will mark on the workpiece. You should know that the main feature of the pneumatic marking machine is that it has a large depth. The marking output is carried out through the computer. The marking is generally neat and clear, and the marking depth can be adjusted according to its own requirements.
The laser marking machine has more extensive application scenarios and more types: optical fiber (metal) laser marking machine, CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, automatic laser marking machine, MOPA laser marking machine, etc.
Optical fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for metal and some non-metal marking; Carbon dioxide laser marking machine is aimed at non-metallic marking machines such as leather, plastic and wood; UV is mainly aimed at marking glass, electronics, food packaging and PC materials.