Laser marking machine | What are the factors that affect the processing effect of laser marking?

With the development of science and technology, laser marking machines have gradually replaced traditional marking machines. Because the laser marking machine is superior to the traditional marking machine in terms of processing accuracy, operating cost, processing efficiency, service life, maintenance cost, etc. However, why do some users think that the laser marking machine is not effective? How to make the laser marking machine work more accurately?

Internal factors refer to the settings and accessories of the laser marking machine's own parameters.
1. Laser power
The laser power is not the same, and the materials that can be marked are also different. Some marking materials can only use low-power lasers. Whether the laser power output is correct directly affects the marking effect.
2. Lens setup and cleaning
A. Whether the lens is polluted or not, the longer the depth of focus of the lens, the better the relative processing effect. At the same time, the smaller the focus, the finer the engraving of the laser marking machine.
B. Whether the position and direction of the beam expander are correctly adjusted. This can be configured as needed, and the effect can increase the beam expansion multiple and spot size.
C. Carefully check whether the total reflection lens and 20% of the output lens are stained and whether the film is damaged. Use 95% industrial alcohol and a degreasing cotton to wipe the cleaning point. If you can't wipe the floor or damage it, see if it can be on the lens. Move a position, or change the lens directly.
3. Cooling system
Whether the temperature difference between the setting of the chiller and the ambient temperature exceeds 4 °C, especially when the water temperature is more than 4 °C lower than the room temperature, product condensation is more likely to occur. The other is that the temperature difference setting of the chiller should not exceed 2 °C. Assembly makes the laser unstable, and the life of the semiconductor laser is not long.
4. Laser beam
A. The energy of the laser beam and the beam mode. In all laser processing, the first factor should be considered. Choosing the right laser beam energy and mode is a prerequisite for laser marking.
B. Focusing performance of the laser beam. Because the focus of the laser beam is small, the energy is very concentrated. Without good focusing performance, it is impossible to obtain the ideal laser spot, nor can it take advantage of the high energy density characteristics of the laser, and it is impossible to achieve a laser marking machine.
C. The speed at which the laser beam moves. In the process of laser-material interaction, the speed of laser beam movement is a very important parameter, which affects the role of laser and matter.
5. System software features
The software is the control and command center of the entire system and is the "living" part of all laser marking machine system components. Good system software can not only be simple to operate, but also make up for the lack of hardware, thereby improving the printing effect of the laser marking machine. Efficiency and effectiveness.

External factors affecting the processing effect of laser marking
1. Laser spot size
The larger the laser spot, the faster the marking speed of the laser marking machine. If the laser spot is small, the marking area of the laser marking machine will also be reduced. Therefore, the size of the laser spot will have a certain impact on the marking speed.
2. Marking density
In the case of the same size, the same spot, and the same depth, the higher the marking density, the slower the corresponding marking speed, because the high density directly increases the marking area.
3. Marking range
The marking speed of large area is slower than that of small area, because the deflection area of large-area marking galvanometer increases, which will naturally have a certain impact on the marking speed.
4. Marking depth
According to the demand, if you need to deepen the marking depth, you need to adjust the parameters of the fiber laser marking machine, increase the power and current of the fiber laser marking machine and other parameters, which will affect the marking speed.
5, the characteristics of the material itself
The interaction of different materials with lasers produces different effects. When using a laser marking machine, care should be taken to select different lasers and related parameters.


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