Laser marking machine introduction

As a new type of engraving symbol technology, laser marking machine has more precise symbol effect than traditional printing and inkjet technology, and the line can reach the order of millimeters to micrometers. For those parts whose shapes are small and complex, it can be Easily complete the symbol operation, not only the effect is beautiful, but also there is no direct contact with the object, and no damage to the object.
The symbols of the laser marking machine are permanent, and will not be blurred with the increase of time, so that the symbols themselves have a certain degree of anti-counterfeiting, which is better than traditional printing. The symbols of inkjet technology will follow the time and use The problem makes the symbols ambiguous and lost.
The laser marking machine it self is controlled by a computer, combined with the marking software to achieve the marking effect. At the same time, it can be easily connected to the database system. The marking content can be modified in the symbol software according to its own needs, whether it is a picture or a text. Easy to control, and better than traditional inkjet, printing, pattern making, adjustment, and time-consuming cycles.
The laser marking machine uses the energy of laser technology to realize the symbol marking on the object. It does not need to consume other raw materials, and it will not cause pollution and secondary resource consumption. It is also superior to traditional technology in cost control.
It is very difficult to imitate and change the symbols of laser marking machines. Unlike traditional inkjet industries, printing is easy to smear, easy to clean, and has insignificant effects in anti-counterfeiting and certification queries.