Laser marking machine, improve visibility

From online live broadcasts to exquisite packaging in physical stores, we can see that competition in all walks of life is becoming more and more fierce. In order to build brand awareness, all businesses are racking their brains. No matter how good the packaging is, it is better to make your own sign advertising. ,increase awareness. So how to let consumers see their own signs at a glance, Saishuo laser advertising characters laser marking machine, to improve your brand awareness.

    Saishuo laser advertising character laser marking machine introduces German technology fiber laser, galvanometer scanning system, advertising character laser marking machine is suitable for typing on a variety of materials surface with stable output power, good optical mode, ultra-precision scanning, and zero time when marking workpieces. Error, high-speed capture, increase yield. The beam quality is excellent, the marking speed is fast, the effect is good, and the efficiency is high, which can fully meet the mass production needs of customers.
       The advertising word laser marking machine adopts "non-contact" processing, which will not cause damage to the surface of the workpiece and ensure the original accuracy of the workpiece. Compared with the traditional ink printing method, the laser marking has the effect of not fading and long-lasting. It will blur and fade with changes in the environment, including being touched, exposed to acid and alkaline gases, etc. To increase popularity, choose Saishuo agency marking machine, advertising word laser marking machine, we provide free proofing, free training, quality assurance, and thoughtful after-sales service.