laser marker printer in the nameplate identification engraving technology

After the product is put on the market, it is fixed on the product to provide users with the nameplate of the manufacturer's trademark identification, brand differentiation, product parameter imprinting and other information. The nameplate is also called the nameplate. The nameplate is mainly used to record some technical data of the manufacturer and rated working conditions for correct use without damaging the equipment. The materials used to make nameplates are divided into metal and non-metals: metals include zinc alloy, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc., but aluminum is mainly used for production, because the processed nameplates are relatively high-end and durable. Does not rust.

Each manufacturer has a unique information symbol on the nameplate, such as model, specification, production batch, production date and other information. At the same time, in large-scale production, thousands of different metal nameplates need to be numbered and distinguished. Each product has its own unique "identity code". With laser marking machines, all this will no longer be a problem. The surface of the mark produced by the traditional marking method is relatively rough, and the use of laser marker printer can avoid such drawbacks. The laser mark has good contrast, smooth surface and high precision, which makes the product look more high-grade.

Nowadays, laser marker printer has become a common technology for product identification, and its application range is becoming wider and wider. The unique advantages of fast marking speed, fine effect, strong adaptability and maintenance-free make laser marking machine quickly become the first choice for marking and coding.