Laser Escort Children's Safety

With the continuous development and improvement of industrial laser technology, laser application is gradually developing from traditional processing and manufacturing to high-end consumer goods manufacturing, and the application industry is gradually radiating from the industrial field to multiple dimensions of life. The safety of children in the car, laser escort for you!

On June 1, 2021, the newly revised "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Minors" will be formally implemented, and the use of child safety seats will be incorporated into national legislation for the first time. It is understood that when child safety seats are not installed in the car, the fatality rate of children in traffic accidents is 8 times that after installation. The correct installation and use of child safety seats is an effective means to ensure the safety of children in the car. Parents are responsible for the safety of children. In the process of growing up, parents must not only let their children enjoy the happiness and innocence of childhood, but also create a safe riding environment.

Child safety seat can limit the movement of children and reduce the impact or injuries on children when in the case of a car collision or sudden deceleration. In order to make a high-quality child safety seat, you need to pay attention to every detail of the product structure, from the frame, the fabric to the buckle and many other components. And these are inseparable from laser processing.

Laser Welding
Child safety seats are closely related to the welding process, the internal steel structure strength adopts advanced laser welding technology, loaded with robot welding technology, which greatly guarantees the strength of welding and the quality of each batch. At the same time, the laser technology also has high flexible, which can meet the free curve design requirements of the seat.


Laser Cutting
Child safety seats’ protective layer, buffer layer and protective layer can be planned and designed by software, and the seat fabric is cut by a laser cutting machine to make it fit more closely to the seat surface. Laser cutting has high precision, fast speed, smooth cut, and can automatically typeset to save materials.