How to solve the problem of graphic cutting

The cutting pattern is incomplete or uneven, which will directly affect the cutting effect and fail to pass the requirements in the process. Next, we will tell you how to solve this problem through the video.

Incomplete Cutting Graph
We need to check hardware and software when the cutting graph is incomplete . If it is a hardware failure, we need to replace the motor. If it is a software problem, we need to troubleshoot the CNC system, check whether the closed contour lead-in line and the end of the lead-out line completely coincide. If they do not coincide, we need to supplement the sealing data according to the actual gap. After setting the parameters, you can cut the complete graph.


Uneven Cutting Graph
When the work surface is flat, the laser is not blocked, and the material has no sensitive response, we only need to adjust the laser processing speed to easily solve the problem of uneven cutting graph.

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