How popular is laser marking?

Laser, the term seems to be synonymous with high-tech in the minds of the public. In daily life, most of the industries that use laser technology that we commonly see or hear are plastic surgery, laser ranging, optical fiber communication, and laser discs (CDs). It seems that you have rarely heard of the term laser marking. Even if you know it, you may have a little understanding, and you don't know where and how it is applied.In fact, laser marking has already entered the lives of thousands of households.

First, let's understand what marking is. In the production process of goods, according to the relevant national regulations or the needs of the enterprise's own management, the products are marked with text, pictures, etc., such as: production date, expiration date, product number, etc. This process is called marking. There are two common marking methods: ink jet coding and laser marking.

Today, let's find out how extensive laser marking is in our lives: the shelf life, production date, barcode, ingredient list and other basic information on various beverages and food packaging; PVC, PE and other plastic pipes. business information and serial number; internal engraving technology of crystal trophies; patterns and codes on glass surfaces; business logos on home appliances such as computers, microphone,TVs, refrigerators, etc.; production date and serial number of automobile brake pads; patterns on denim fabrics, etc. 

It is not difficult to see that laser marking has already been integrated into our daily necessities, bringing more or less convenience to our lives. Not only consumers, laser marking also brings many benefits to the production of manufacturers:
1. The laser marking leaves a certain depth (depending on the material) dents on the surface of the product by burning, and its marking has a permanent and strong anti-counterfeiting effect.
2. Low operating cost: The laser marking machine only consumes electricity and water, no other additional consumables, and almost zero maintenance cost.
3. Laser marking is clean and environmentally friendly: no radiation, low energy consumption, and no additional toxic substances are produced.
4. Flexible marking methods: It can be used for both assembly-line flying marking and static manual marking; either hand-held personalized marking can be selected, or it can be applied to mass production, with fast marking speed, high production efficiency, and greatly shortened time. cost.
5. Targeted marking: For different materials and marking requirements, we have four series of laser marking machines: optical fiber, green light, carbon dioxide, and ultraviolet. There is always one that meets your requirements.