How much do you know about laser cleaning machine?

What is laser cleaning?
Laser cleaning technology is a cleaning solution that uses a high frequency short pulse laser as the working medium. The high-energy beam of a specific wavelength is absorbed by the rust layer, paint layer, and pollution layer, forming a rapidly expanding plasma, and at the same time, a shock wave is generated, and the shock wave causes the pollutants to be broken into pieces and removed. The substrate also does not absorb energy, damage the surface of the object being cleaned, or degrade its surface finish.
Compared with ordinary chemical cleaning methods and mechanical cleaning methods, laser cleaning has the following characteristics:
1. It is a complete "dry cleaning process, which does not require the use of cleaning fluids or other chemical solutions, is a "green" cleaning process, and is much cleaner than chemical cleaning processes;
2. A wide range of objects to be cleaned. This method can be used to clean from large lumpy dirt (such as fingerprints, rust, oil, paint) to small fine particles (such as metal ultrafine particles, dust);
3. Laser cleaning is suitable for almost all solid substrates, and in many cases can only remove dirt without damaging the substrate;
4. Laser cleaning can easily realize automatic operation, and optical fiber can also be used to introduce the laser into the polluted area. The operator only needs to operate remotely from a distance, which is very safe and convenient. This is suitable for some special applications, such as rust removal of condenser tubes of nuclear reactors, etc. of great significance.​​
The type, power and wavelength of the laser used for laser cleaning should vary according to the composition and form of the material to be cleaned. The current typical equipment is mainly YAG laser and excimer laser. It is worth mentioning that the laser rust removal process is used on the surface of the steel. By selecting appropriate process parameters, the surface of the substrate can be micro-melted while the rust is removed, and a uniform and dense corrosion-resistant layer can be formed. complete in one step. The laser cleaning process has been initially applied in the industry.

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