High Precision UV Laser Marking Machine | Principle of ultraviolet laser marking machine

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UV laser marking machine can also be called UV laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, UV laser laser laser laser engraving machine. The principle of UV laser marking machine: like ordinary fiber laser marking machine, it also uses laser beam to mark long-term marks on the surface of various materials. The reaction mechanism in UV laser processing is realized by photochemical ablation, That is to say, it depends on laser energy to break the bond between atoms or molecules, making them become small molecules, vaporizing and evaporating. The focus spot is very small, and the processing heat affected zone is very small, so it can be used for superfine marking and special material marking.
With the rapid development of laser equipment and the improvement of the power of UV laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine has been used in the high-end market of ultra fine processing, marking the surface of packaging bottles of iPhone, cosmetics, drugs, food and other polymer materials; Marking and scribing of flexible PCB board; Silicon wafer micro hole, blind hole processing; LCD glass, glassware surface, metal surface coating, plastic keys, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials and other fields.