hand-held laser welding machine: Attach importance to safety and guide the healthy development of the market

Compared with traditional welding, hand-held laser welding machine improves efficiency by more than 50%, smooth and even. It is easy to grind or does not need to be polished after welding. Now it has debuted at the C position of the laser circle. However, while holding the convenience of hand-held welding equipment, we should put laser safety first in the equipment!

According to the data, due to improper use of the operator or product quality, many safety accidents have occurred: some leaked light from the welding head burned the leg; some were stray laser damage to the user's fundus retina; some were ignited by the reflected laser In addition, the surrounding flammable materials cause fires, etc., and its impact causes users to suffer for life, and manufacturers will also face huge claims. The source of all these accidents reflects the hidden dangers behind the current explosion of handheld welding equipment, the safety measures of welding equipment are not reasonable enough, and users have not received good safety training.

01、Popularization of knowledge: rigorous training before going to work
Educate and train the staff who operate the handheld fiber laser welding machine to make the operator understand the potential risks that may appear when operating the handheld laser welding equipment, suspend the appropriate laser safety exercise for the operator, and emergency treatment methods when the risk is presented. Furthermore, the management and use of lasers must be terminated by professional (vocational) personnel, and untrained and educated personnel may not open and use laser machines without authorization. The relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Minglei Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. suggested that when the machine is delivered to the customer, it is necessary to strictly carry out standardized operation training and paste the operation requirements in a conspicuous place on the operation site. For the machine to operate normally, it is necessary to open the host enable switch and hand. Hold the power switch of the gun head and press the three switches of the light emitting button to prevent accidental accidental injury. When the machine is delivered to the customer, it is necessary to strictly carry out standardized operation training and paste the operation requirements in a conspicuous place on the operation site.

02、Anti-beam radiation: wear radiation protective glasses and protective clothing
As we all know, the laser of the laser welding machine is the light energy radiation emitted by the excitation and is a high-intensity light. The laser light emitted by the laser source is generally considered to be free from physical harm when it is not in contact or invisible; but The laser welding machine will cause ionizing radiation and stimulated radiation during the welding process. This induced radiation will not affect the eyes and the body.

Although the laser beam is very small, the operator generally likes to stare at the beam of the welding machine, but if the sparks produced by cutting for a long time are harmful to the eyes, there will be a tingling sensation. The retina is a very sensitive organ, so the operator must wear a pair of radiation protection glasses under the condition of long-term viewing light source.

However, according to national safety standards GB 7247-1987 and GB 7247-1995 "Radiation Safety of Laser Products, Equipment Classification, Requirements and User's Guide", after calculation, hand-held welding equipment made with fiber lasers is used when the power exceeds 1000W People need full body protection. Just one pair of glasses is not enough, because naked skin will suffer burns. Therefore, during the operation, the operator should wear protective clothing to protect his safety to the greatest extent.

03、Working environment: strict compliance with hygiene standards
A large amount of ozone and oxynitride will be generated during the laser welding process; especially the ozone concentration far exceeds the reference health standard, which has a great impact on human health.

Therefore, there must be a good ventilation device at the work site to discharge harmful gases and metal dust. In addition to this, in addition, fire prevention equipment must be provided, such as sand boxes, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, buckets, etc. The distance of flammable materials from the welding place shall not be less than 5m. If the specified distance cannot be met, it can be properly covered with asbestos board, asbestos cloth, etc. to prevent Mars from falling into flammable objects. The distance between explosive materials and welding station shall not be less than 10m.

04、Equipment selection: Quality is most important
According to laser safety standards: such as the international standard IEC 60825-1 and the national standard GB7247.1-2012, etc., handheld laser welding equipment belongs to the highest safety level (level IV) high-power laser equipment. Therefore, when an unknown object enters the optical path, the automatic stop of the laser power is a mandatory function.