Glass uv laser marking machine|Why UV laser marking machine can hit glass?

Glass uv laser marking machine

As a synthetic and fragile product, glass is a transparent material, which can bring various conveniences to production. In terms of appearance decoration, various patterns, and how to optimize the appearance of text into glass products is the goal pursued by consumers.

In the traditional processing technology, UV laser marking technology makes up for various shortcomings such as low processing accuracy, difficulty in drawing, damage to workpieces, and pollution of the environment. With its processing advantages, it has become the new favorite of glass product processing. UV laser marking machine can be used in many Clear lettering is provided on various types of glass bottles, and it has become a processing tool used in various wine glasses, craft gifts and other industries.

UV laser marking machine for marking glass

Because many materials (including glass materials) have better absorption rates for ultraviolet lasers, non-contact processing is used to prevent the glass from being damaged by external forces. The wavelength of the UV laser marking machine is 355nm. The small wavelength determines that it has a small beam spot and can realize the fine marking of glass products.

Ultraviolet laser marking is mainly carried out by power supply, not mainly by ink consumables. The graphic information that needs to be marked can be changed at will, and the marked information has the advantage of not fading and falling off.When the UV laser marking machine engraves glass, the marking time affects the marking effect on the glass surface. Long processing time will lead to too deep engraving on the glass surface, and too short processing time will lead to leakage points, so it needs more patience when debugging. The second attempt is to define the numerical parameters with better effect for processing.