Four ways of laser cleaning of laser cleaning machine

Surface laser cleaning technology is a new cleaning technology that has developed rapidly in the past ten years. It is gradually replacing traditional surface treatment cleaning technology in many fields due to its many advantages. It can adapt to the cleaning of various surface contaminants, has minimal environmental pollution, and can achieve no damage to the substrate. At present, this method has become a supplement and extension of traditional cleaning methods, and has shown broad application prospects due to its many inherent advantages. At present, there are four methods of laser cleaning
The first: laser dry cleaning method, that is, the use of pulsed laser direct radiation for decontamination;
The second: laser + liquid film method, that is, first deposit a layer of liquid film on the surface of the substrate, and then use laser radiation to decontaminate;
The third method: the method of laser + inert gas, that is, when the laser is irradiated, the inert gas is blown to the surface of the substrate. When the dirt is peeled off from the surface, it will be blown off the surface by the gas immediately to avoid re-contamination and oxidation of the surface;
Fourth: After using the laser to loosen the dirt, use non-corrosive chemical methods to clean it. (mainly use the cleaning of stone cultural relics)

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