Flying laser printer for the packaging and pharmaceutical industries

Packaging box marking is a necessary link in the process of production and promotion of products, but the traditional labeling and inkjet process has disadvantages such as large amounts of consumables such as ink and ribbon. And Laser marking has become the first choice for the processing and manufacturing industry because of its green, environmentally friendly and economical processing methods. In order to better help companies trace products and realize information transparency for customers, Lyustec has innovatively developed a flying laser printing system suitable for the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

UV flying laser printing system

Lyustec flying laser printer has the advantages of accurate identification, high-speed printing and mass production. It can not only mark the production date, serial barcode, QR code, etc. but also clearly mark the enterprise Logo or brand logo, often used in the packaging industry, pharmaceutical industry or card manufacturing industry, such as marking the date and serial code on the surface of cartons and plastic bags; printing QR codes on IC cards.

Powerful functions and outstanding advantages
  • Equipped with UV laser, cold processing, the heat-affected zone is extremely small, the marking effect is fine and beautiful, not easy to wear, and has strong traceability.
  • Modular design, which can be flexibly adapted to assembly lines in different environments.
  • Friendly operation interface, which can be customized according to customer needs, secondary development of software functions, centralized control of the whole machine, multi-language mode setting, etc.
  • Equipped with a flying printing system, which can accurately detect the product position and quickly complete the marking to realize mass production.
  • Combined with a paging machine and conveyor belt, automatic loading and unloading, it can transport products of different sizes at high speed and stably.
  • Real-time dynamic detection system to effectively monitor the printing content. In case of an abnormal situation, the indicator light will alarm, the equipment will automatically stop working, and the staff will be reminded to deal with the fault in time, effectively ensuring the quality of the product.

Lyustec has fully combined the needs and budget of customers to create a practical, efficient and economical medicine box laser printing system for customers, which not only ensures drug traceability and drug safety, but also effectively broadens the user's access to electronic information channels. 

If you need to customize a laser processing solution suitable for your product, please contact us without hesitation.