CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for The Industry

The high-power laser welding equipment of CO2 laser cutting machine replaces the two-dimensional worktable with high-speed moving scanning lens, which greatly improves the welding speed and reduces the influence of laser action on the material properties. A stable machine system that provides the necessary conditions for industrial applications, enabling customers to achieve greater efficiency and flexibility in their use, and to bring more competitive market competitiveness.
Advantages of CO2 laser cutting machine
The advantages of laser welding for the welding of plastic parts include: precision welding, firmness and sealing, which are gas-tight and water-tight, with less resin degradation and less debris generated during the welding process. The CO2 laser cutting machine is easy to control and can weld workpieces with small dimensions or complex shapes. Since the laser is easy to control by computer software, and the output can flexibly reach the fine parts of the parts, laser welding can weld areas that are difficult to reach by other welding methods, and weld products with complicated shapes.
The advantages of laser marking machine in the processing of bathroom products:
1. Because the laser marking is different from the traditional standard, the laser marking uses a high energy density laser to locally irradiate the bathroom workpiece, so that the surface material vaporizes or undergoes a chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving a permanent marking method. 

2. The laser marking machine does not produce any chemical substances harmful to the human body and the environment, and is an environmentally safe and high-tech product.
3. The laser can be marked on the product material with a very thin beam. The printing precision is extremely high and the control is accurate.
Nowadays, laser processing methods are continuously improved, and beam control and transmission technology are continuously improved. CO2 laser cutting machine can not only produce various characters, symbols and patterns, but also the processing characters can be in the order of millimeters to micrometers, which makes laser marking possible. Achieving finer mark processing is a better boon for the consumer electronics industry today.