Application of UV laser in enterprise processing field

Lasers are currently used in the processing field of enterprises to reach 44.3%, and ultraviolet lasers are known for their fine processing and become one of the mainstream lasers of fiber lasers. Why can ultraviolet lasers be quickly applied in various micromachining fields? What are its advantages in the market? What are the unique attributes in industrial micromachining applications? Next, I will come carefully for everyone.
Solid-state ultraviolet laser
Solid-state ultraviolet lasers are classified into xenon lamp-pumped ultraviolet lasers, krypton lamp-pumped ultraviolet lasers, and new laser diode-pumped all-solid-state lasers according to pumping methods. Generally, an integrated design is adopted, which has the characteristics of small spot, high repetition frequency, reliable performance, strong heat dissipation capacity, good beam quality and stable power.

Cold + precision machining
Ultraviolet lasers have unique properties, which are called "cold" processing. Lasers with shorter wavelengths and pulse widths and lower M2 (beam quality) can create a more focused spot and maintain the smallest heat affected zone ( HAZ), in the marking application, it can keep the object as it is to the greatest extent and reduce the damage during processing. Such as glass marking, ceramic carving, glass perforation, flexible circuit board cutting, etc., are very popular among processing companies.

Ultraviolet laser is a kind of light invisible to the naked eye. It has a small spot (0.07mm), narrow pulse width, fast speed, and high peak output. The high-energy laser is used to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface material or change the color. The photochemical reaction leaves a permanent mark. High power, high pulse repetition frequency (PRF), pulse shaping and pulse splitting can all contribute to improving the productivity of micromachining.


UV laser market development
In daily life, we will come into contact with a variety of trademark signs, including metal or non-metal, some with text and some with patterns, such as the Midea logo, mobile phone Apple logo, keyboard keys, mobile phone keys, and cup graphics. , Can production date, etc. Many of these marks are currently realized by UV laser marking. The reason is simple.
UV laser marking is fast and without consumables. Through optical principles, permanent marks can be printed on the surface of various substances, which is of great help to anti-counterfeiting.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the arrival of the 5G era, especially the rapid development of the 3C industry, rapid product update, higher and higher requirements for equipment manufacturing, faster and faster speeds, lighter weights, affordable prices, and processing fields It is becoming more and more extensive, and at the same time becoming more complex, leading to the development of miniaturization and precision in the manufacturing of parts and components.

At present, the domestic UV laser market is in a stage of rapid development. The country attaches great importance to the development of lasers. Following the development strategy of "Made in China 2025, One Belt One Road", the laser industry has developed rapidly, and the country has successively introduced favorable supporting policies. The probability of localization in the laser market will further increase.