Application of laser welding in automobile manufacturing industry

Laser Welding and Automobile Manufacturing

Laser tailored welding is a key link in automobile body manufacturing. It has many advantages. It can not only reduce vehicle manufacturing costs, logistics costs, vehicle weight, fuel consumption, and scrap rate, but also improve the body’s collision resistance. Stamping rate and corrosion resistance, etc. Therefore, more and more auto parts manufacturers are setting their sights on the tailor welding industry.
As a new technological means, laser tailor welding brings new solutions to automobile body manufacturing. At present, laser tailor-welded has been widely used in automobile industry body manufacturing. It is usually used in body longitudinal beams, frames, floors, door inner panels, side walls and bumpers. The amount of tailor-welded plates in the entire vehicle can reach 50%. %the above.

In recent years, my country's automobile industry has developed rapidly and gradually develops toward the trend of intelligence, high-end, and diversification. As one of the important laser processing technologies, laser tailored welding technology will undoubtedly become a powerful assistant in the development of automobile intelligent manufacturing!

The application and difficulty analysis of laser tailor welding in automobile manufacturing


Application of laser welding

The laser tailor-welding process is to cut a variety of different materials, thicknesses and surface quality plates into a certain size and shape, use laser tailor-welded to form a whole plate, after stamping and manufacturing, and other parts to be assembled into a complete vehicle.

Although tailored laser welding has been widely used in the manufacture of automobile bodies, there are still some problems that need to be paid attention to in the process of processing to achieve good welding results! If the method is improperly handled, quality defects are likely to occur after the laser tailor-welded blank is welded, as shown in the figure. The quality control standards are: the depth of the upper and lower recesses shall not exceed 10% of the thickness of the sheet; the upper and lower protrusions shall not exceed 20% of the thickness of the sheet; the depth of the upper and lower misalignment shall not exceed 10% of the thickness of the sheet.


which welding is used in automobile manufacturing industry?
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