Application industry of fiber laser cutting machine

In recent years, the use of fiber laser cutting machine has gradually entered all walks of life, which has greatly improved the productivity of the metal processing industry. In contrast, the disadvantages of some traditional processing techniques are becoming more and more prominent, so let's take a look at which industries it is mainly used in today:
The emergence of the laser cutting machine has ushered in a wave of spring in the sheet metal processing industry. Due to its high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high cutting efficiency and short product cycle, it has become a right-hand man in the sheet metal processing industry.
On the one hand, since the sheet metal is not deformed or worn by the tool during the processing of the laser cutting machine, no matter what kind of parts can be processed by the laser cutting machine, and because the cutting surface is smooth and free of burrs, it also avoids the need for secondary processing, greatly improving the processing efficiency. On the other hand, the gap of laser cutting is relatively small, the cutting quality is good, and the level of automation is high, which also helps customers save a lot of costs.
In the advertising production industry, metal materials are often used more. Because the traditional processing technology cannot achieve such high precision and the cutting surface is not so smooth and smooth, it is often faced with rework. The work efficiency is not only low, but also the material waste is serious, which increases the production cost.
Laser cutting just perfectly solves these problems, the cutting surface is smooth and flat, the precision is guaranteed, and there is no need to rework again, and personalized products can be customized according to customer needs.
The range hoods and gas stoves commonly used in our kitchens are usually made of sheet metal. When we use traditional methods to process, we not only face the problem of low efficiency, but also increase due to mold consumption. business costs.
Laser cutting machines not only have high precision and high efficiency, but also can be mass-produced, so they have won the favor of most kitchenware manufacturers.
The precision parts and materials in the car are often the key to forming a qualified car, and the current car production is basically an assembly line. If manual processing is required, the efficiency can be imagined and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. For example, brake pads, the main components in automobiles, must require high precision, and traditional processing methods or manual labor are difficult to do.
Laser cutting can not only achieve rapid mass production, but also precisely control the precision of the machined parts, basically in one shot, which is one of the reasons why laser cutting machines are widely used in the automotive industry.