Application and development trend of three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting technology

Technology development trend:

With the more advanced and advanced three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting technology, the performance and function are becoming more and more powerful, the technology development trend is as follows:

1. High acceleration and high speed: product acceleration is getting higher and higher, product speed is getting faster and faster, and production efficiency is getting higher and higher;

2. High cutting speed and high precision: Only with fast cutting speed can the production efficiency be high and the production cost can be reduced; only high positioning speed and high repeat positioning accuracy can have high cutting precision and meet the increasing demand for product quality;

3. Automation and intelligence: labor costs are increasing day by day, and products need to develop in the direction of high automation and high intelligence; on the one hand, high automation can reduce manpower and save costs; on the other hand, high intelligence makes the operation of machine equipment technology simple and technical The dependence is small, simple, easy to learn, and can also reduce costs.


Application development trend:

On the one hand, product performance has been continuously optimized and improved, and product prices have continued to decline, making it more and more affordable for users. Basically, it can use the three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting process, preferentially adopting, replacing traditional processing methods.

On the other hand, three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting technology promotes personalized product design. Engineering designers can use personalized design to design more exquisite products, which are no longer restricted by traditional processing methods.


In addition, thermoforming technology has entered the automotive industry, making the three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine an irreplaceable process in the automobile production process. As more and more models use thermoforming technology, more and more three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting The machine enters the automobile production line. At present, only high-end vehicles are in use, but with the development of technology, economical vehicles and new energy vehicles will also use thermoforming technology.


According to the research and analysis of the automobile industry, the replacement of automobiles will be more rapid in the future, and the era of the production of millions of models in the past has become history. The number of single models is gradually declining, and the cost of molds is very high. The three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine will reflect the lower cost of use and meet the development needs of the times.


In summary, in the automotive industry, especially in the automotive thermoforming industry, with the continuous application and development of three-dimensional and five-axis laser cutting, the level of automobile manufacturing technology is becoming more and more advanced, and the production efficiency is becoming higher and higher. The problem of high strength of hot-formed high-strength steel can also promote the development of personalized design of automobiles.