Advantages of metal nameplate laser marking machine|Metal Laser Marking Machine

Metal nameplates are also called metal labels. Common metal nameplates mainly mark the manufacturer's LOGO, information parameters, or some commemorative patterns. Because metal nameplates have outstanding performance in terms of preservation, wear resistance, appearance and texture, they are widely used. The general material of metal nameplates is thin metal plates, and many of them are used, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, aluminum oxide, zinc alloy, iron, and zinc alloy.
The metal laser marking machine is characterized by high marking accuracy, fast speed and stable performance. Marking on the metal surface does not require media such as ink to cover the surface, and is directly marked on the surface of the metal nameplate by laser. Moreover, it only needs to be controlled by a computer, the operation is simple, and it can print various complicated patterns, texts, two-dimensional codes, etc., through these advantages.