About the selection skills of laser marker printer

There are many laser marker printer on the market, so don't worry about where you can't buy them. Imported original machines, domestically produced designs, can be said to have everything, but this also makes many friends who buy marking machines for the first time puzzled. So which brand of laser marking machine is better? What are the main indicators for choosing a laser marking machine? The following comments will help you buy.

Marking of stainless steel workpieces

First, mark the material. There are many types of marking machines, such as fiber laser engraving machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marker printer, etc., which are suitable for different marking materials. Fiber laser marking machine is suitable for marking metal materials and some non-metal materials, with low price and convenient operation. The carbon dioxide laser marking machine is suitable for marking various non-metallic materials, such as acrylic, glass, plastic bottles, leather, cloth, etc. Ultraviolet laser marking machine is suitable for high-precision and high-resolution marking of electronic products, plastics, glass, LCD screens, monocrystalline silicon wafers, etc.

2. Production process. If it is manual marking, it is sufficient to purchase a standard marking machine. If it is a production line, most of them need to be customized to get higher efficiency.

3. The size of the area to be marked. You should choose according to the size of the mark you want, and do the right amount of things. Blindly choosing a large-area laser engraving machine is not only expensive and wasteful, but also makes it difficult to hit a small area of ​​material.

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4. Laser power. Different marking machines have different power ranges. Make the most economical and reasonable choice based on materials, processes, dimensions and efficiency.

5. Marking speed. I believe that most customers want to complete the product as soon as possible, believing that speed can create more profits. But fast speed does not mean good quality. The speed is fast, the quality is good, and the price will be higher. Therefore, the cost performance should be considered comprehensively when choosing.

6. Imported or domestically produced. In recent years, my country's laser technology has developed rapidly, and many technical parameters are not inferior to imported machines. To be honest, the overall performance of most imported machines is better than domestic ones. But from the consideration of cost performance and after-sales service, if the domestic machine can meet the requirements, the domestic machine is still the first choice.

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With the localization of key laser components and more affordable prices, laser marking machines have become a weapon for product upgrades and production efficiency improvements for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the market has shown explosive growth. Some illegal companies use second-hand lasers, pirated boards and software to seize the market at low cost, which to a certain extent has caused the vicious influence of bad money driving good money.

LYUSTEC Laser adheres to the long-term principle. In the process of developing and producing high-quality fiber laser marking machines, carbon dioxide laser marking machines, and ultraviolet laser marker printer for users, we insist on using genuine software and brand-name lasers, high-speed digital galvanometers, field lenses, and other key components to provide customers Provide the most cost-effective products.