6 Benefits of Using a Desktop Fiber Laser marker

What is desktop laser marker?
Lyustec laser marker is designed to be used on a desktop or workbench. It is compact, and easy to use for personalizing projects or engraving small components. Lyustec fiber laser marker is suitable for marking a wide variety of products, including plastics, metals, ceramics, and more. Common applications include marking serial numbers, logos, bar codes, and other identifying information on parts and components. They are often used for marking medical devices, automotive parts, jewelry, and electronics.

Video of fiber laser marker:

What are the advantages of lyustec desktop fiber laser marker?
1. Easy to move: Independent patent design industrial desktop workstation with automatic Z axis for a flexible and movable use.

2. Safety: The protective cover helps protect from any potential hazards.Fully equipped Germany Siemens electrical system, machine complies with EU safety regulations (performance level D)

3. Ergonomics:Wide and easily opening door for comfortable loading components, small space occupation, air-cooled laser source, height adjustable worktable and rotary clamps.

4. Flexibility: Small and compact, with automatic Z axis and 3 sides door free space, marking of a large variety of parts from small to big parts, from simple to complex shapes.

5. Performance: Equipped with high quality fiber lasers with strong beam quality and high efficiency galvo head with dual red light positioning system, fast focus and precise positioning, improve accuracy and speed at work.

6. Reliability: Using built-in DSP chip set, equipped with industrial embedded operating system, running MacMark laser marking software, while ensuring superior performance, the equipment is more stable and reliable.

The desktop fiber laser marker adopts an enclosed safety cover, which helps to protect the machine from dust and debris, as well as to ensure the safety of the operator. The cover also helps reduce noise levels and improves the efficiency of the machine.

It is worth noting that the Lyustec laser marker is also equipped with an automatic sensor. When the operator opens the safety cover during the operation of the machine, the system will automatically sense and stop marking.

In order to meet the diverse processing needs, Lyustec can manufacture desktop laser marker, station laser marker, laser marking workstation, etc. Customers can customize laser markers to meet specific needs. Options include selecting the laser type, laser power or work table. Additional customization options include adding components such as rotary fixtures, vision systems, specialized software or safety features.

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