China International Machine Tool and Tools Exhibition

From September 7th to September 11th, an international exhibition-2020 China International Machine Tool and Tools Exhibition (CIMES) will be held in Beijing, the capital of China. The exhibition started in 1992 and held every two years, at present it has now developed into an international, intelligent and green equipment manufacturing exhibition. During the exhibition thousands of companies from all over the world will gather, and it will display the various high-tech products with novel designs and excellent quality and excellent industry solutions. 

With the continuous integration and innovation of automation technology and machining technology, laser equipment has been widely used in more industries. The cooperation between industrial laser equipment and the manufacturing industry has also greatly improved the efficiency and quality of processing and manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing is gradually moving towards the public view.

Mactron has always been committed to the research and development and innovation of laser equipment. It not only obtained a number of machine design patents, but also gradually optimized solutions for different industries, and strengthened the application and promotion of the automated equipment production system. In the exhibition, Mactron will focus on launching desktop split  machines, keeping up with the trend of portable travel, and further expanding the application range of laser equipment in the small workpiece market.


Mactron will give full play to its many years of export advantages to push China's intelligent manufacturing equipment into more areas of the world. Exhibitors from various industries are requested to bring their ID cards and Beijing health codes to the exhibition site. From September 7th to September 11th, we will be waiting for you here--Beijing·New China International Exhibition Center booth E3-A606!