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Co2 3 Axis Dynamic Focusing Laser Marking Machine is equipped with RF laser tube imported from America. The RF Co2 Laser can work in large power with high frequency and long operating life.

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Equipped with hi-tech dynamic focusing scanning mirror and control card, the 3D Dynamic Laser Machine is excellent in the aspects of algorithm optimization, high speed of marking and cutting, and other powerful functions. It is specially designed for the laser scanning with tiny light spot, large working range and high flexibility. Furthermore, this equipment is characterized by high strength in use, compact construction, dust-proof, convenient and accurate installation, strong anti-jamming ability, etc., which can ensure the stability of the system under long-hours working conditions. 
Co2 3 Axis Dynamic Focusing Laser Marking Machine can be applied to marking in leather carving, hollow-out leather, greeting cards, and laser marking in woods, and laser firing in jeans wear and other laser marking technologies of nonmetal. 3 Axis Dynamic Focusing Laser Marking Machine

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